Steel Helmets (All countries)

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Item Nr Description Price Status Image Further Info
Special Collection of Fallschirmjager helmet shells, liner and related straps and bolts 2500

or nearest sensible offer

H 001

Original German M16 Helmet Shell

(Relic Condition)

65 Available
H 002 Very Rare "untouched" M40 Beaded WerkLuftschutz Helmet from the ARADO aircraft factory with approx 30 documents. 290 Sold
H 003

Original M40 Helmet 

Maker and size ET64

Refurbished Condition.

175 Available
H 004 Original M42 Helmet shell, refurbished. 

Hitler Jugend Flak Helper.

Size 55.

140 Sold

H 005 Original M35 Helmet Shell, refurbished

Early war Kriegsmarine double decal.

Size 57

165 Sold

H 007

M16 Steel Helmet

Good solid condition, however, crown has rusted through.

Found with cache of spades

75  Sold  
H 009 Original M42 Helmet shell, refurbished. 

Late War Single Decal Luftwaffe .

Size 53.

140 Sold

H 010

Early 3 Piece Luftschutz Helmet

All original

80  Available
H 011 French Casque Adriane Helmet Shell WWII


17.50 Available
H 012 Late War Single Piece Luftschutz Helmet.

Refurbished with original Ersatz Cloth Liner & Plastic Chinstrap

85 Sold
H 013 Swedish M26 

Steel Helmet

25 ono Available
H 017 M16 Steel Helmet

Found by a French Farmer near Abbeville.

Poor condition

35 Sold
H 018 'One Off'

Iron Cross based German Helmet Stand

22 Sold
H 019 SS Double Decal.

Original M40 Helmet shell, refurbished. Size 58/59.

Early War Apple Green

165 Sold
H 021 Original Wehrmacht

M42 Helmet Refurbished

Helmet Shell Size 68 

180 Sold
H 023 Original McCord M1

Fixed Bail Refurbished


185 Available
H 025 Original M35 Helmet Shell

Totally Refurbished

Small Size 55


130 Sold
H 026  

Original M40 Helmet Shell


Chicken Wire Cover

Large Size 59


130 Sold
H 028 Very Early Brodie Shell.

Possibly a B Type or early War Office Pattern


80 Sold
H 029 (Casque Adrian)

M15 Adrian Shell

Verdun piece

80 Sold
H 030 M34 Pattern Helmet Shell

Refurbished to Fire Police Helmet

60 Sold
H 031 Original

M16 Pattern Helmet

Refurbished to WW1 Camo


230 Sold