Very Early Pattern Brodie Shell


A very Early Raw Edge Brodie Helmet Shell

This is either a 'B' Type or a War Office Pattern helmet, whichever, it is one of the earlier models.

The helmet still retains its  original apple green paint.

The liner is gone but the insides are coated in what I believe is the remnants of the original fibre liner.  Central liner retainer screw is still in place.

The chinstraps are held in with the early bifurcated pins which points to a War Office Pattern, but the dimensions could be that of a 'B' Type helmet.

There are no markings what-so-ever on the helmet and it is non-magnetic which again points towards it being a 'B' Type helmet.

There is a small area of blast ? damage as per photo.

Otherwise this is a quite scarce WWI Brodie in reasonable condition for it's age.


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