Small Personal Pocket Photo album of the U260





  This is a superb and unique pictorial record of the crew and officers of the U260.

She was a type VIIC.

All photos have been put into a small personal pocket picture book, presumably by its owner. Some have been removed from a larger album. Most are dated 1942.

This puts the U-boat as the U260 of the 6th Flotilla.

Only two U-boats served in the 6th Flotilla, the U-260 and the U-766.

The U-260 went into combat service on the 1st October 1942 with the U-766 joining the 6th Flotilla in 1944.

As these are dated 1942, I would presume they may have been taken as it went into service as it includes photos of an inspection by senior Kriegsmarine officers.

The Captain of the U-260 was Kptlt. Hubertus Purkhold.  

She had one confirmed kill which was on the 28th Dec 1942 the "Empire Wagtail"

She was eventually scuttled on the 12 March 1945 after hitting a mine south of Ireland, all officers and crew were captured and interned in Ireland. 

All photos are approx 78 x 50mm with a total of 24 photos including a couple in Tropical Uniform.



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